Although we are fortunate to have several wonderful animal welfare agencies here at Lake Chapala and scores of dedicated volunteers assisting at these agencies, we still have so many cats and dogs in need of our help.  There is no doubt that increasing spay and neuter services is the best answer to reducing and eventually eliminating this Lake Chapala problem of overpopulation and unwanted cats and dogs on our streets and in our shelters.
With this in mind, the concept of Pesos for Paws was conceived late in 2019 to raise additional funds for spay and neuter services for lakeside dogs and cats.  The secondary purpose of the organization is to increase the number of volunteers available to assist at the animal welfare agencies and especially at spay and neuter clinics.
Pesos for Paws encourages lakeside residents to donate to assist with the costs associated with sterilizing animals.  The local animal welfare agencies make requests for grants to increase the number of dogs and cats that can be spayed and neutered and all the pesos collected are allocated for this purpose.  
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